Completed Project

Location & Description of Work
Improvements to Saundane Kalwan Borgoan Surgana Umberthan Bardipada to State Border Road Km. 69/00 to 136/00 in SH-22 Taluka-Surgana District-Nashik Maharashtra State Under inter State Connectivity (ISC)Scheme. on Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Mode basis
Widening and Strengthening of Uchhal Nizar Road Km. 0/0 to 74/4 Taluka-Nizar Dist:-Tapi (Working Section 0/0 to 39/0)
Four Laining And Strengthening of Surat – Dhulia Road Km. 50/780 to 55/380 and 60/430 to 70/994, Ta.. Vyara, Dist. Tapi.(W.s. 60/430 to 70/994)
Widening and Strengthening of Bardoli Vankaner Valod Vedachhi Road, KM 8/4 to 25/120, Ta- Valod, Dist- Tapi ( Working Section 18/0 to 25/120)
Strengthening and Widening of Dakor Kalsar Road Taluka Thasra, Thasra Dist.Kheda Km.0/00 To 14/900
Construction of Jawra Phatak to Salakhedi Fourlane road, Length 4.6 km.
Construction of Sailana Shivgarh Rawthi Ranisingh Road Length 25.00 Km.(Cement Concret Road)
Widening and Strengthening of Umreth –Vasad Road. Km. 0+000 to Km. 19+250 (S.H. No-83) and Km. 0+000 to 9+200 (S.H. No-188) Including Kapadwanj – Ladvel Road Km. 19+145to 32+600 (S.H. No-151) Package No. GSHPII/NCB/05
Construction of Jawara to Sitamau Road Length 56.6 Km.
Widening and Strengthening Vesma – Maroli – Ubharat Road Km.0/0 to 27/6, District Navsari. (S.H. No.196)
Six Laning With Service Road of Surat – Kadodara Road Km. 8/4 to 17/4, Dist. Surat.
Construction Of Flexible Pavement Network Incl. C.D. Works And Street Light Work Incl. 5 Years Free Maintenance Gaurantee Period At Bhersam And Junde Engineering Industrial Estate. ( BH And JE )
Upgradation of intermediate lane to Two lane with with paved shoulders including strengthening in km. 11/600 to 16/00, km 34/00 to 39/00 and km. 57/00 to 62/00 of Thane Nashik Peth Kaparda Pardi Road NH 848 in the state of Maharashtra on EPC basis.